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The survey, which is about to be finished in these weeks, photographs for the first time the huge reality of Chinese tile manufacturers (over a thousand companies), with structural and commercial details about plants, production lines and types of products, with a focus on investments in large slabs, both those already made as well as those planned for the next future.

Contents: ceramic tile manufacturers and production volumes from every Chinese region specialized in floor and wall ceramic materials; detailed sheets of all the main corporate groups and individual companies with details on brands, production sites, installed lines, production capacity, product types, investments planned for the next three years. The report is built by crossing Asian databases from different sources (including non-governmental ones) and international databases.

Objectives: the volume, available in English at the beginning of April 2021, will be the first complete report available in the western market presenting the production of ceramic tiles and slabs in China, the most competitive country in the ceramic sector on a global scale. It can be used by all company business units, as well as by researchers, analysts, consultants and investors to get to know the fierce Far East ceramic competitors.

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