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Prices and delivery times monitor - plastic and rubber sector

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The study analyses:

  • the purchase prices variation of raw materials and components in the current month compared to the previous month (conjunctural);
  • the variation compared to the same month of the previous year (trend);
  • the forecasts on the price trend for the following month;
  • the variation in material procurement times (decreasing, stable, increasing).

The analysis is built thanks to the direct line between the MECS-Amaplast Study Center and a representative sample of companies in the sector and through clear graphs and a brief interpretation of the statistical data it returns in near real time the trend of prices and delivery times helping companies to plan activities along the supply chain.

There are more than 20 monitored materials and components: from different types of steel to castings, from aluminum extrusions to mechanical processing, from plastic items to commercial components (bearings, screws, pneumatic and hydraulic materials) up to reducers, cables, inverters and engines.

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